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Minor Irrigation Schemes have played a major role in the past in the green revolution in the country.  It would continue to play prominent role in future for irrigation and agricultural production of the country.  Precise and authentic database for minor irrigation is of vital importance for deciding future plan of action, which goes a long way towards transforming the rural economy. The census and results have improved since the first census was done with 1986-87 as reference year. The report brings out a profile of the Minor Irrigation projects in the country, State wise, on various aspects which were identified as key indicators of the sector.

Lot of concerted efforts at the State, District and Village levels have resulted in finalizing the Statistics contained in this report and the voluminous additional information placed in the Web site of the Ministry.   At the Central level, it required sustained activity in the Minor Irrigation Division of the Ministry and in the National Informatics Centre to bring out this publication after necessary processing of the   data/information, field checks, scrutiny, etc.

I hope the publication would be useful to a large number of professionals, planners, researchers and others who are directly or indirectly concerned with development of irrigation/agricultural economy of the country in various contexts.

 --- s/d ---             
                                                                                   (J. HARI NARAYAN)
                                                                                    Ministry of Water Resources
                                                                                    Government of

Place: New Delhi
Dated:  November 2005.