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4th Minor Irrigation Census - Charts

bullet 1  Ultimate Irrigation Potential
bullet 1  Number of MI Schemes
bullet 1  Irrigation Potential Created & Utilised (in use MI Schemes)
bullet 1  Distribution of MI Schemes by Type
bullet 1  MI Schemes during 3RD & 4TH Census
bullet 1  Share of Irrigation Potential by Type
bullet 1  Irrigation Potential Created (IPC) Status during 3rd and 4th Census
bullet 1  Irrigation Potential Created (IPC) of schemes (in use)
bullet 1  Share of IPC in GW and SW Schemes
bullet 1  Regional Distribution of MI Schemes
bullet 1  MI Schemes in North-Eastern States
bullet 1  IPC and IPU of All MI Schemes in the Major States
bullet 1  IPC and IPU of Ground Water Schemes in States
bullet 1  IPC and IPU of Surface Water Schemes in States
bullet 1  Status of Minor Irrigation Schemes
bullet 1  Under Utilization of MI Schemes (with Constraints)
bullet 1  Under Utilisation of Ground Water Schemes
bullet 1  Under Utilisation of Surface Water Schemes
bullet 1  Total and Public Sector Owned MI Schemes(With Percentage)
bullet 1  MI Schemes Owned By Individual Farmers (With Percentage)
bullet 1  Season Wise Area Irrigated By Minor Irrigated Schemes
bullet 1  Percentage Distribution of Water Distribution Devices
bullet 1  Percentage Distribution of Potential Utilised By Water Distribution Devices
bullet 1  Financing of MI Schemes

4th MI Census Reports
National Level
bullet  Dugwell
bullet  Shallow Tubewell
bullet  Deep Tubewell
bullet  Surface Flow Schemes
bullet  Surface Lift Schemes
bullet  Integrated Reports
State Level
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